Soon, the NYPD’s cars may able to automatically scan license plates and addresses, detect radiation levels, record video, and send all of that information back to the precinct in real time. The department’s “smart car” prototype, operated out of Brooklyn Heights, has all of those capabilities, and could act as a blueprint for future police vehicles.

The car is part of a program called NYPD2020, detailed here by the Wall Street Journal, which outlines a plan for how the department might operate in the coming years.

The smart car stores every number it scans indefinitely. “It reads any set of numbers,” said Deputy Inspector Brandon del Pozo, who heads the NYPD’s project-management office. “If it doesn’t get a hit, it gets stored. We don’t look at [the results] unless an investigation points to them.”

According to the Journal, future cars could include fingerprint scanners and facial recognition sensors. Time to get a pair of these bad boys.

(Photo: Nick Allen/Flickr)